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Sharing the voices of British Columbians who support developing a sustainable and environmentally responsible LNG industry here in B.C.

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About LNG

LNG is “liquefied natural gas”. LNG takes natural gas- a resource we have been producing responsibly here in B.C. for more than 50 years- and adds value to it by creating thousands of new jobs, training and business opportunities for British Columbians across the province while bringing in new tax revenue to governments to help pay for schools, hospitals, roads and transportation.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, having two larger and one smaller LNG facilities in B.C. would increase revenue in B.C. by $3 billion dollars a year and could help pay for every year for 30 years– building 60 new elementary schools, hiring 2,500 more teachers and 2,500 more nurses, 900 more family doctors and a major infrastructure project such as a subway line or bridge.

And because greenhouse gas emissions do not have borders, LNG from B.C. will help reduce global emissions which is key to combatting climate change. B.C. LNG facilities will have fewer emissions than the most efficient LNG projects in the world today. That means, because of B.C.’s strong environmental regulations and carbon tax, LNG from B.C. will have up to 50-percent fewer emissions than LNG produced anywhere else in the world. When LNG from B.C. is used to replace coal in countries whose emissions are produced mainly by burning coal and oil, it goes a lot further towards cutting global emissions. LNG also helps countries switch to more renewable energy sources by acting as a backup for solar and wind energy.

For example, LNG from a large LNG project in B.C., when used to replace coal burned for electricity in China, can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 million tonnes- that is the same as taking 19 million cars off the road or, all of B.C.’s annual emissions plus 30 million tonnes more.

Find out more at www.bclnga.ca


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Matthew, North Vancouver

I am originally from Prince Rupert, grew up in Mackenzie, then resided in the Vanderhoof Area for about 15 years before moving to the coast. Have had the luxury & privilege of working in Oil & Gas, constructing and maintaining gas plants all over western Canada.

I support LNG in B.C. because it’s clean and adds high technology employment to those who want to further their education.

Elaine, Kitimat

Born and raised in Kitamaat, and from the Haisla Nation. I am so very proud to be a part of such a mega project built on our territory. And Kudos for all those who invested their time to see this through to date.This project has brought so many communities together all cheering for a positive FID, the economic benefits for the Northwest, and all of B.C is exciting thank you LNGC! And Welcome to the Northwest!! We have waited a long time for your arrival:)

Having LNG sit down and negotiate with my community the Haisla Nation, is very respectful, from such a huge corporation.

I would like British Columbians to be educated on the benefits of being a part of this mega project being built and what it means to your children..their children and for many generations to come.


Tanya, Prince Rupert

I am First Nations born and raised in Prince Rupert, B.C. My mother is from the Gitga’at territory and my father is a first generation immigrant from Hungary.

Until I started working in construction 5 years ago I bought into the agendas of environmental groups. After observing first hand the measures that go into protecting our environment and into the reclamation of the land/environment our projects are built; I realize just how much the industry puts into protecting the environment. Which is more than can be said for the jet-setting, mansion-dwelling elite that do nothing more than stir up propaganda against an industry they know nothing about. I am proud to do what I do for a living and more so, proud to be a voice on my sites (as a First Nations woman) in ensuring our ancestral territories are monitored by someone who is invested in their protection. With companies that create jobs that have exponential growth and futures for my people.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG is an important avenue for many FN communities to self-sufficient and create healthier communities for generations.

Rainer, Kitimat

We moved last year from Fort Saskatchewan near Edmonton to Kitimat for the LNG pipeline (that will ship natural gas to Kitimat) but I’m working in Fort Mac to make ends meet. I support LNG in B.C. because I want to be home every night after working all day…but can’t because I’m in Fort Mac.


Don, New Westminster

I’ve traveled all of B.C. I lived in Prince George for 10 years and in the lower mainland since 1980. I’ve been in New Westminster since 2006.

I support LNG in B.C. because it means more B.C. jobs. Using our resources.

I would like British Columbians to know LNG is safe and clean.

Willard Grant, Haisla Nation Councillor

I work for a company that works for LNG and I am a Haisla councillor. I have lived in B.C. all my life.

I support LNG to bring jobs to B.C. for everyone.


Betty, Terrace

Lifetime BC resident and building contractor in Terrace for past 26 years. LNG is important to the economic health of our region.

I support LNG in B.C. because of jobs, economic well being of the whole province, enough government regulations and opponents to LNG to make it all environmentally safe.


Renee, Terrace

I have lived in B.C. for most of my life. Terrace, B.C. is my community. I love our pristine rivers, forests, mountains and the people who live here.

Our community has been hit hard with the forestry industry taking a downturn. We used to have a high producing sawmills, and pulp and paper plants in the northwest, but they most have been shut down. The northwest struggles to keep afloat. LNG would help with the economy, create jobs and provide much needed funding for services.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG would produce jobs, help bring people to the northwest, boost the economy, and provide funding for valuable services.

Cameron, Kitimat

I have lived in British Columbia since I was six years old, growing up on the Sunshine Coast, spending my university years in Prince George, and now settled in Kitimat with my family.

I support LNG in B.C. because LNG companies have shown a true willingness to be good community neighbours. Whether it’s through donations to community causes, hosting community events, or, perhaps most importantly, their dedication to including the local economy and workforce, LNG has proved to be an opportunity with tremendous positive impact.

I would want everyone in B.C. to understand that LNG proposals in the Kitimat area are widely supported. The community wants LNG, for the investment it will bring and the work it will provide. There will rarely be an opportunity for an investment this large, that can benefit so many people, and that has so much grassroots support.

Jason, Dawson Creek

Born and raised in Dawson Creek BC. Family man and lover of the outdoors.

The majority of my family is currently working or has worked in the Energy industry. This opportunity could provide good quality jobs and life for generations to come.

LNG is the future and the world is in need of this cleaner resource. We produce some of the cleanest NG in the entire world under very strict environmental guidelines. LNG will provide wealth in some form or another for everyone in BC and Canada for that matter. This opportunity has already taken way too long to start already, the USA alone is building 4 LNG export facilities currently.

Sue, Dawson Creek

I have lived in BC for 30 years.

I support LNG in B.C. because LNG will provide jobs that will keep our economy strong in rural communities as well as the province of B.C.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG is clean and will provide jobs. Support LNG!

Benson, Victoria

I am a CPA and moved to B.C. in 2014 and my previous work gave me the opportunity to travel to several cities in the interior B.C.

I support the LNG project because it will boost the economy of the province apart from the massive job creation opportunities.

I would like British Columbians to know that the project is a win-win for everyone and every part of the province.


Brenda Duncan, Deputy Chief Councillor, Haisla Nation

I was born and raised in Kitamaat, BC. I have served my Nation as an elected Councillor for 9 years and I’m presently the Deputy Chief Councillor.

First Nations as true partners and participants in responsible development is the key to building economies, that will be of benefit to the region, the Province, this country. Inclusion, true consultation, moving FIrst Nations from spectators to participants provides the opportunity of self-sufficiency for all. Finally.

The consultation process undertaken by LNG Canada set a standard for all of BC and CANADA to follow. Responsible, respectful, inclusive and acknowledgement of unceded lands and resources provided a basis as to how we can work together for a common benefit.

Desmond, West Vancouver

I have lived in B.C. since 1975. Now a retired surgeon and becoming increasingly concerned about indecisive leadership and excessive political correctness stifling the ability to move in any meaningful direction.

I support LNG in B.C. because we are a resource based economy.

I would like British Columbians to know how much, in dollars, each of us would lose per year if this industry were to cease.


Gord, Terrace

I came here in 1981 to help build what was then called Ocelot Oil Methanol Plant, which became Methanex. That project provided many good jobs for many years and supported many small businesses like mine, that have since become successful. These businesses and the people working within them contribute to a welcoming and successful community, one of which I am very proud of.

We need to embrace this opportunity being offered to us in the present day without hesitation or someone else will.

We can’t afford to let this opportunity slip between our fingers. We need to see this for what it is and not let people pull the wool over our eyes.

It’s obvious we need to move to safe renewable energy sources but it won’t happen overnight just because we want it to. I believe the delivery of natural gas to Asian markets will contribute a lot to bridge the gap between more destructive fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

Canadian industry adheres to some of the most stringent environmental standards and procedures in the world.

We should be very proud of that fact, as well as the fact that it treats its workforce very well in terms of education, safety and compensation.

Let’s be part of the solution and speak up for our future of our communities.


Karen Ogen, Burns Lake

I am a Wet’suwet’en woman born and raised in Burns Lake, BC  I am a former Chief of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation. We have unceded territory.

I support LNG because of the socio-economic benefits to the Indigenous communities.  We have mining and forestry that hardly brings revenue to our communities.  LNG is definitely an opportunity that will help us close the socio-economic gap for Indigenous people.

It will assist our communities in overcoming some of the socio-economic issues that we face.  It will help us to address the poverty issues and if we play our cards right and inquire about sound business opportunities we can manage prosperity.  We need to find positive, progressive and proactive ways of moving forward and increasing the quality of life for our people.  Together we can achieve more, and everyone benefits.  We have ensured that the environmental issues have been addressed and made informed decisions.  We have upheld the highest environmental standards.  This is our kick at the can so let’s do this right!

Laura, Taylor

I have lived in B.C. for 20 years.

I support LNG in B.C. because it is important for our local governments in northern BC as well as globally.

I would like other British Columbians to know it’s important for the global population.


Breann, Kitimat

I’ve lived in B.C. my entire life, I am a born and raised Kitimatian. I’m Metis and Doukhobor. I want this project more than anybody: Maybe not more than anybody, but I’m rooting and fighting for LNG, 100%!

I support LNG in B.C. because it means economic development. Jobs. Life. We need this as much as we need air to breathe and water to drink!

Vanessa, Kitimat

I am currently the GM for Kitimat’s newest hotel, where we host people from all around the world but also employ locals who truly are gems. I am currently running for city council and own to private businesses. I sit on a few boards previously and currently to better my community, The Chamber of Commerce, Kitimat Youth Soccer Association, Advisory Planning Committee and the Kitimat Grow Committee.

Although I strongly believe with or without LNG, Kitimat needs to be substantial and able to succeed as a community and continuously grow, without LNG I see that “Growth” declining. We as a nation, province and city must become aggressively interested and inclined to investing in our pockets. We need to model other countries who allow progressive and safe projects to shift the economic growth. The questions for Kitimat will be what will happen if LNG does not pass in green light?

I strongly believe that most do want what’s best for our environment in our nation and the entire globe. To trust that all measures have been taken by LNG to ensure that the environment and our economic along with protecting what is important to our Communities as their priorities. LNG has shown the start of what a good company can do for a city. Kitimat has started to see the benefits to it’s proposed project and deserves the chance to see the full potential.

Crystal Smith, Elected Chief, Haisla Nation

I am a Haisla woman. I have lived in our Haisla territory my entire life and now raising my daughter’s, Ashley & Emma-Leigh and my grandson, Zavier Allister here at home.

I have fully supported responsible LNG development in Haisla territory due to the economic and social benefits that will flow to Indigenous communities here in Northern BC.

Industrial development is not new to Haisla, however, LNG development is a new and optimistic opportunity that will assist in overcoming and addressing social issues that we have dealt with for generations.

LNG project development becoming a reality in B.C. will have positive impacts and benefits to First Nations communities such as employment and career opportunities, social programming to fit our memberships needs, youth and elder programs, infrastructure, housing and most importantly, the retention of our language and culture.

Responsible development is a part of the solution of re-igniting the strength of Indigenous communities.


Paul, Victoria

I have been in B.C. since ‘91. I am a journeyman rig technician by trade working all over Western Canada on drilling rigs.

I support LNG in B.C. 110% because of job creation and keeping money at home.


Allan, Victoria

I am born and raised in Victoria. My family has been here for four generations.

I support LNG in B.C. because it’s clean energy and when shipped overseas it will greatly reduce pollution caused from other sources of fuel. The tax revenue and jobs for Canada will enable us to maintain our standard of living!

What are you waiting for, this is as good as it gets for jobs & investment in Canada, and on a global stage, this will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions!

Eden, Fort St. John

I am born and raised in Fort St. John, B.C.

I support LNG because it’s clean and also my son is the third generation to make a living in the oilfield.


Gord, Vernon

I have been in pipeline and facility pressure pipe for 33 years. My family were pioneers up on Vancouver Island and have been there since the 1860s. We still own the same property.

I believe in LNG for the environment and I support construction in Canada and development of our natural resources.

Debra, Terrace

I am a sustainable development consultant specializing in the extractives industry. I have worked with Indigenous Peoples for much of my career. I have lived in B.C. for 46 yrs.

I support LNG in B.C. because the environmental issues can be mitigated to acceptable levels and the socioeconomic benefits, aside from revenues and benefits that will come to First Nations, will be such that many people can leverage from the construction phase to begin a career or start a business.

I would like British Columbians to know that like other extractives developments, the world needs these resources, and Canada has very high environmental standards. Also, people need to remember that certain jobs like teaching, nursing, etc. are funded by tax dollars that come from industry and corporations.

Jason, Prince George

I was born in Victoria in 1971, and have lived in British Columbia my entire life, in and around the lower mainland through school and university (SFU), moved to Prince George in 2000, where my wife and I raise our three sons.

I support LNG in B.C. because British Columbia (and Canada) is a resource based economy. We need to focus on extracting our resources responsibly (environmentally and socially), and stop the focus on blocking the project completely.

I believe many British Columbians do not realize the amount of pipelines and oil and gas infrastructure that is already in place operated safety in British Columbia every day. Lacking this realization alone makes a good case for LNG development; if incidents were frequent and significant, we would be much more aware.

Craig, Baldonnel

I moved to BC’s Peace Country (ran out of gas and stayed) back in 1994 in search of a better future. I have worked in Oil and Gas as a trucker ever since, except for the last 5 years when I’ve been involved with Commercial/Residential as well as facility/ pipeline construction.

I support LNG in B.C. because LNG is a good clean “Transition” Fuel that provides well paying jobs and careers for thousands of families across the entire country and I’ve met some very amazing folks during my time in the sector!

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), and it’s by-products are essential for for modern day life, and is an environmentally responsible, clean burning transition fuel, that can help lower GHG emissions worldwide!

Linda, Clearwater

I support LNG in BC. It is good for the economy. I have lived with the pipelines here most of my life and I have never seen a problem. Keep Canada working.

LNG is a natural resource which (Canada) has an abundance of. Why not sell it to other countries if it can be done safely? The employment will benefit all Canadians.

Gerald, Taylor

My family moved to B.C. in 1974 from Scotland and originally lived in the lower mainland until 1980 at which time we moved to Northeast BC,( Fort St John). I was 12 at the time and though I left a few times over the years eventually I was compelled to come back due to the financial opportunities that were there for my family. After attending college and getting my Power Engineering Certification I bought a house in Taylor, B.C. after starting to work at the McMahon Gas Plant. I have been here in Taylor for the last 15 years and love my little community.

I support LNG in B.C. because responsible resource development is essential to our economy. Since my career began I have seen great strides being made to become more efficient and less impactful to the environment. I know we are way ahead of other large oil producing countries in terms of environmental impact and know we are bottlenecking our products because we rely heavily on just one market and there is a definite need for us to expand our market.

If done correctly and responsibly we can provide reliable and efficient natural gas to markets that currently use resources such as coal for power and heat. Natural Gas is the most efficient and cleanest form of hydrocarbon based energy.

Paul, Kitimat

I am born and bred in B.C.

I support LNG in B.C. because it’s not every day you get to start a new industry! Bring it on!

I would like British Columbians to know there will be jobs for all.


Loraine, Vancouver

I’ve lived in BC since my parents emigrated me from the UK in 1966.

I support LNG because I have a gas stove, gas fireplace and live in a Condo where natural gas provides heat and hot water. Enough said.

LNG/ natural gas is not only the most economical source of home energy – exports of LNG result in good paying jobs in extraction, local transportation and Port of Vancouver services in addition to tax revenues from royalties and high marginal payroll tax rates. Canada needs tax revenues so the social safety net we’re all so proud of can be sustained.

Tamara, Fort St. John

I am born in B.C. and have lived here 41 years. I support LNG in B.C. because of the jobs and for our economy. I would like British Columbians to say Yes! to LNG.


Vera, Terrace

I began working in mining in Fort McMurray first as a custodian, gradually becoming an Operations Manager. I managed 5 different sites with up to 400 cleaners, 5 managers, 5 Trainers & 10 Supervisors. All of which reported to me on a daily basis. I worked for a band-owned company 100% owned and operated by the band. I was the liaison between our company and the client, on a daily basis. Went to college at Athabasca for several courses in management. I really got most of my experience feet on the ground. I have all the “safe work procedures” “chemicals and their purposes” pretty much delved into all aspects of everything to do with facilities.

I think LNG is an amazing group and your intentions are the best. It would be a gift to have our people working, many are barely living above the poverty line. I welcome LNG to our beautiful place. I have been here 7 years and plan to stay. We all need a happy medium I believe LNG and our people will make a perfect relationship.

I support LNG in B.C. because it means more jobs, less impact on the environment, we need a facelift here, people are working for less than minimum wage.


Yolanda, Duncan

I have lived in BC for 19 years and I support LNG.

It is the greenest way to go. If people were really serious about reducing GHGs, they would know natural gas trumps coal power. Please look at the big picture. It isn’t just about Canada, it’s global and underdeveloped countries need this source of power.

Susan, Kitimat

Have lived in B.C. all my life and I live in Kitimat, so bring it on!

I support LNG in B.C. because it is a cleaner energy, brings jobs.

I would like other British Columbians to read about it and support it.

Justin, Lake Country

I am born and raised in Lake Country, B.C. Worked in the oilfield for over 15 years. Educated in Business, Finance, Economics, PoliSci, and Philosophy. I care deeply about the environment and our future but also care that Canadians can earn a living and prosper where they live. With LNG we can do both. It’s a no-brainer.


B.C.’s production and shipping of LNG conforms to the highest environmental standards in the world and our LNG exports have the ability to reduce pollution overseas better than any other method utilized today – especially in China. In this way I fully and completely back LNG not only for the global environmental benefit, but also for B.C. in particular as it creates high quality jobs and a strong booming economy. We should be incredibly proud of B.C. LNG!


I would like British Columbians to know LNG is environmentally efficient compared to other fuels. LNG boosts our B.C. economy. The overseas shipment of our LNG is the smartest move Canada could make as a nation – not only benefiting us economically but benefiting the entire world environmentally.

Chayo, Terrace

I’m a pro industries and economically minded person who doesn’t want any other country to take advantage of Canada.

I support LNG in B.C. for the sake of good economy because we have many middle class and young families with children who deserve the good economy.

I would like to let other British Columbians join in and support LNG Canada and other Canadian industrial projects.

Cheryl, Vancouver

I lived in BC since I was 6 years old. Originally Northern BC. I love British Columbia. It’s rich with resources and beauty.


I support LNG because I know that it is the safest way to transport gas and provides employment all over our province. We all want to leave a smaller footprint… but we just don’t have the technology right now. I watched the changes in the patch over the years and it’s amazing the precautions that are taken. We need this!


I think that people are too busy in their day to day lives to research this for themselves and just jump on what they think is the safest wagon. If they really, really want to make a difference in the decay of our environment…Stop using vehicles…Stop the cruise ships… Stop all flying… Stop throwing out garbage…Stop flushing your toilet… Stop using laundry soap…Stop…The list goes on forever. Let’s be realistic and make a difference together. It is easy to blame everything on the pipelines. Educate yourself.

James Cordeiro, Councillor- Terrace

I am a two-term city councillor in Terrace, B.C. I’ve lived in BC since I was born in 1975 except for one year (79) when my family lived on Maui.

I support LNG in B.C. because responsible development of a new LNG industry is vitally important to a thriving Northern BC economy.

The Northwest overwhelmingly supports LNG development as a part of a new economy for us. We are living an a wonderful corner of the province with excellent outdoor activities, reasonable housing prices, and we have a great future ahead of us. Come take a look!

Claude, Coquitlam

I am a born and raised B.C. resident with a small business.

BC LNG is great for the continued growth of the BC economy and will provide well-paying jobs for the long term growth and success of our province. It is also the cleanest fossil fuel available.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG development will support our economy and provide government revenue for all levels of government.

Melody, Fort Nelson

I am born and raised in Northern BC.

I support LNG in B.C. because of the economy, jobs, a clean source of energy. I would like British Columbians to get educated about LNG!



Chance, Fort Nelson

I have lived in B.C. my whole life. Natural gas feeds my family. Yes to LNG!

I support LNG in B.C. because it is clean energy. Excellent jobs.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG is good for Canada.


Rory, Beaverlodge, Alberta

I lived in northeast B.C. for 56 years. Worked in oil/gas from age 18. I moved to northwest Alberta to be closer to family.

I support LNG in B.C. because it means economic prosperity for B.C. and all of Canada.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG is clean natural abundant energy that comes with the side effect of being a good economic benefit for all.


Larry, Fort St. John

I have lived in Fort St John (FSJ) all my life. My father came here in 1952 working in the oil patch.

I support LNG because it is an industry that keeps FSJ humming. I love FSJ and anything that makes it a better place is good for me.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG is an industry that benefits all British Columbians.

James, Port Alberni

I have lived in B.C. for 43 years. I support LNG in B.C. for the jobs and economic generation. I would like British Columbians to know that LNG is clean Canadian energy that feeds Canadian families!!

Byron Stewart, Fort St. John

I am a long time resident of Fort St. John B.C., the Energy Capital of B.C. I was elected to Municipal Council in 2011 and 2014.

I support LNG in B.C. because we have the product (natural gas) and we need to work together to get it to the market.

I would like British Columbians to take the time to learn about the product (natural gas), the safety measures in place and the benefits for our entire economy and quality of life with this product getting to market.

Fred, Fort St. John

I am born and raised in B.C. My father and myself have both worked in the patch our entire career. I support LNG in B.C. because it supports my family.

I would like British Columbians to know that natural gas drives our economy and is a clean energy source.

Wesley, Nanoose Bay

I have lived in BC since 2006. I am a strong supporter of both Canada and B.C. energy and resources sectors and all who work in them.

I support LNG in B.C. because it is a resource that can bring great benefit to B.C.

I would like British Columbians to know… stop giving the minority “special interest” lobby the right to dictate your future… Stand up and be counted!

Peter, Taylor

I am 58 years old, a lifetime British Columbian.

I support LNG in B.C. because LNG is a very significant facilitator of lower world emissions. LNG can represent prosperity for Canadians, I support a prosperous Canada. We all have heated homes, we all like hot water, and most of us have some form of vehicle…

Working against economic prosperity is directly working against the future of your own children and grand-children.




Bill Streeper, Mayor Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

I have been in B.C. all my life. I worked in the oil patch for 50 years.

I support LNG in B.C. with all my heart and soul. It pays the taxes which pays the bills in B.C.


Patricia, Dawson Creek

I have lived in British Columbia for 54 years both in the lower mainland and in the north from the Yukon/BC border to the Peace Region. During that time, I have worked for the federal government and the private sector as well as in the resource sector when moving to rural B.C. I have worked in the oil and gas industry from lease construction to gathering to the production of natural gas. I know first hand what this industry is about.

The oil and gas companies support local communities in more ways than just jobs they create. Many support local sports teams, charities, infrastructure, and become part of our communities. It diversifies our economies for future sustainability during lean times in other sectors. The development of LNG will benefit, not only the area where the work occurs but the rest of the province.

I have worked in the industry and have seen the advancements made in cleaning up sites, the strict environmental regulations put in place in our province as well as our country compared to other countries. I have worked with our neighbors to the south and know that our regulations are much stricter than theirs. We need a transitional period between fossil fuel use and other clean methods of power – natural gas and LNG fill the bill. It is cleaner than coal or oil.

Robert, Kitimat

I’m an IT who has lived in northern B.C. all of my life. As someone who has lived in the north their whole life I know just how important LNG is to the economy of northern B.C. and B.C. as a whole.

I would like British Columbians to know that this is bigger than B.C. or Canada. LNG is the next step in moving away from fossil fuels. It’s not a perfect energy source but it is cleaner than coal and it can provide the world with a much cleaner transition to clean energy.

Solar, wind, geothermal etc. are all viable options for our future energy needs but we as a world are not ready yet to transition to them. Some of the developing world still uses coal and worse for energy. This is a global issue and the people of B.C. need to look beyond themselves and look to be the global citizens we want to be.



Michael, Kitimat

I was born in Penticton 62 years ago.

I support LNG in B.C. to diversify our economy and increase the provincial tax base providing meaningful employment and opportunity for all.

I would like British Columbians to know that LNG in B.C. is good for everyone.

Dennis, Kelowna

I am 64 years old, have a love for the outdoors and have lived in BC most of my life. BC is a paradise that has both heavy industry and tourism. Though I retired in Kelowna, I spent 19 years working at Rio Tinto ( Alcan) in Kitimat. Where else in the world can you be in the middle of a huge industrial site a see grizzly bears fishing for salmon inside to plant site. B.C. does and can have the best of both industry and wildlife.

I support LNG in B.C. because it is the right thing to do for our children and the right thing for our country. Lower mainland/ Vancouver Island people need to have a better understanding of the economic benefits


Morley, Fort St. John

I was born and raised in B.C. I have been living in Fort St. John a total of 25 years, I have been relying on the Oil and Gas industry, directly and indirectly, all that time.

LNG will give the Oil and Gas industry choices of where to sell their product and not rely on just domestic or US markets.

B.C. LNG will help replace coal in countries that are still using it and lower greenhouse gases globally.

Graham, Kitimat

I have lived here for about 28 years, working in Pulp and Paper, Oil Refining, and now Real Estate.

I support LNG in B.C. because I have 2 young daughters and I live in Kitimat. I have seen the economy drop substantially in the last 15 years as industry left our town and want work for my kids so they don’t have to leave when they graduate high school to find a job.

The greenhouse gases created by producing natural gas will be far less than the greenhouse gases removed from emerging economies in Asia. The global warming effect is all over the world, not just situated over top B.C. The world needs these projects.

Miranda-Lee, Kitimat

I have lived in BC my whole life and I have been in Kitimat for 4 years.

I support projects that are going to support our communities. We are ready and eager for a positive FID for our community, ourselves, and our son. LNG will be amazing for Kitimat, BC, and Canada in the jobs it will offer, training it will provide, the investment it will make into affected communities, and by giving the ability for Canada to reach foreign markets— expanding trade partnerships. I look forward to the growth and opportunities it will bring for all of us.

I would like British Columbians to do their research on the safety measures taken, the opportunities available and to look at our ability to better the environmental impact on the globe by having a major project like this within a country with stringent environmental laws.

Kristen, Fort Nelson

I am 35 years old, born and raised in Fort Nelson B.C. I have been in the oilfield for 19 years with my business as an owner-operator for pilot car traffic control and hotshot services. We have been working with drilling rigs and moving camps all around northern B.C. along with some equipment every now and then for almost 20 years. I Also have instructed Traffic control for 10 years with the BCCSA (BC Construction Safety Alliance) I am a single mother of two my son Gavin is six and my daughter Rayanne is 10. About three years ago I jumped on a bus with “Yes to LNG” slapped all over the side of it after I received a phone call from a lovely man named Allan You that we have to support our natural gas resources in B.C. and they need a local person with a lot of push to hold a rally in support of LNG in BC in Fort Nelson. After our rallies, I joined my friends in Fort St John B.C. and drove all the way across Canada to Ottawa to tell Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna and Brian Kauffman about why we need FID, ID or plantsites proposed across our province to help promote our industry and get our products to market. We held “yes 2 LNG” rallies at every legislature and parliament along the way to show support and give knowledge across our province about how great natural gas is for our environment and how it will benefit our future as a province and a growing country.

LNG is the cleanest option for fossil fuels right now. The burning emissions rate is the lowest of all gases. The extract process is gaining on reducing the amount of mechanical support that creates emissions in the process thus using even fewer emissions in the extract process than ever before! Pipelines themselves are very clean ! We have farmland and pipelines with oil and gas inside them on the same landscapes all over Canada. The Canadian process for pipeline regulations allowed farmers to return to work harvesting and farm animals to survive and feed off the land. The exact same land that not even a year prior we were drilling for resources in the exact same spot. Canada is held in highest regard for safety in the pipeline industry. LNG is a clean future. It’s my families – among many other northern B.C. families way of life and has been for generations. Everybody has their place in BC and we all need certain things in order to survive today… we all have our way of contributing to our growing economy and we are all needed in Canada’s future. We’ve all been taught different ways of life for a reason and oil and gas is ours up here in northern B.C. Who are we to deny a Canadian citizen their way of life they were born into? Who are we to deny Canadian citizens to work in an industry that has fed our province and our country for years and generations this far? Oil and gas is a way of life in Canada. I spend every day teaching my children to respect everybody’s reasons for being here and to respect their reasons and or opinions on why they support certain things in our country. We create a balance this way and it’s what makes Canada great. If there’s a way to come together as a whole it’s through the LNG industry. A new industry to help us all work together as one will benefit all Canadians. As it already has. LNG has been good for our country so far and has got everyone working on a better future!

LNG in BC means strong attitudes in Canadian history, Canadian Heritage, Canadian industry, Canadian environment, Canadian jobs, Canadian knowledge,  Canadian trade, and Canadian business. Looking at the list above how can you not get on the fast track for LNG? A great country includes everything I have listed above.

Maria Glenda, Dawson Creek

I became a permanent resident in Canada in 2014, but before that I was a contract worker for 5 years, working as food server in a fast food restaurant. All this time I have lived only in B.C., specifically Dawson Creek, so I would say Dawson Creek is my hometown now. I was born and raised in the Philippines.

I support LNG in BC, first and foremost because this is the reason why northeast B.C. was and still calling out for foreign workers for restaurant workers. Currently, I am working in a trucking company that caters to oil and gas companies.

When I was working as a safety person, that was when I realized that companies who are involved in the construction and the maintenance of LNG are so committed to preserving and protecting the environment. As well as safety measures are strictly implemented for all workers.


Neal, Dawson Creek

I have lived in the South Peace my whole life. My grandfather immigrated here from England in 1908. My father worked in the oil and gas for his whole life. I bought out my father’s business several years ago and still do a lot of work in oil and gas.

LNG has provided me and my family a very good living and I am very proud to say this is what I do for a living.

I would like other British Columbians to know that LNG in B.C. is totally different compared to other places – safety and environmentally wise.


Ben, Fort Nelson

I am born, raised and have always lived in B.C. I live in a resource dependent community and firmly believe all the resources are meant for us to use and steward.

I support LNG because our modern civilization needs the readily available and reasonably easily accessible energy to continue to prosper and grow.

I want British Columbians to know that we do have the knowledge and capabilities to withdraw natural gas and turn it into LNG, for export to foreign markets in a sound and environmentally responsible way.

Terrence, Charlie Lake

I have lived in B.C.my whole life, 42 years. I support LNG because all Canadians will benefit. Oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates have plenty of other industries but their oil industry dwarfs them all in wealth production. Canada is 3rd in oil reserves and #2 for gas reserves – we could be an immensely wealthy nation. Also, the world benefits from switching to clean burning natural gas from dirtier energy sources. The demand for LNG will be fulfilled by other countries regardless so Canada may as well be positioned to capitalize on the demand. PLUS Canada has the best practices of any producer in the World so it is the right thing to do.


Phil Germuth, Mayor of Kitimat

I was born and raised in Kitimat, my three boys were raised here also, and I own a business in town. In 2011, I was elected to Council and in 2014 was pleased to be elected as Mayor. In this position my actions not only affect Kitimat but they can impact the region, province and nation. I will always do my best to act in the best interest of all.

LNG development makes sense for our province and the nation. It will produce thousands of jobs, helping thousands of families. LNG will create billions of dollars in tax revenues that can be used to fund the things that are most important to all of us such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure. On a global scale, BC LNG will benefit the environment by allowing other nations that are reliant on more carbon intensive energy sources to transition to a cleaner energy source while we wait for renewable energy to become more feasible in meeting global energy demands.

The regional, provincial, national and global social and economic benefits of developing an LNG industry in BC cannot be overstated. Benefits include billions of dollars in direct investment, thousands of person years of employment, and tax revenues that flow to government at every level. BC LNG would be some of the most environmentally sustainable LNG produced in the world and would help other nations wean themselves from energy sources with higher negative carbon impacts.

Carmen, Fort St. John

I have lived in B.C. my whole life, born in Terrace BC, raised in the Nass Valley and I have been living in Fort St. John for over 20 years now.

I support LNG in BC for two reasons: I work in the oilpatch and know first hand that our practices are way ahead of other countries both environmental and safety. I also believe LNG is clean energy and the world can benefit from this.

Just do the research- the answers are there, actual facts not false info supplied by people who have no clue or are benefiting from others who don’t want to see this succeed.

Carol Leclerc, Mayor of Terrace

I am the mayor of Terrace, BC located in the heart of the northwest. Our community is vibrant and diverse with a strong economy, a high quality of life, rich local culture and strong First Nations relationships. I have lived in rural BC for many years and have a strong understanding of our challenges and opportunities we face as a region.

Development of LNG Canada in B.C. will play a significant role in expanding our local, regional, provincial and federal economies, and it will also keep our children and grandchildren living and working right here in the northwest.

The creation and growth of new sectors in our local economy is key to long-term stability in our region. We look forward to embarking on a journey towards new industries with our neighboring communities and LNG Canada.

LNG Canada has led the way in working to truly understand northwest BC. With their community investments comes innovation and advancement in technology. I believe having their facility here in the northwest will not just provide jobs, but will propel our youth into new, diverse careers where they can transform their knowledge and experience in northern BC into clean energy technology solutions for the future.

Diversifying our economy allows for significant growth in our region and that means families can work and live in our communities for many years to come.

After I recently visited China, the need to lower the world’s demand for coal has never been clearer. The reality of transitioning to a cleaner fuel for countries around the world is key to ensuring their people and culture can thrive and improve their health and wellbeing.

Projects such as LNG Canada will bring considerable social and economic benefits to Terrace, the northwest, the province and most importantly to the world. Hundreds of meetings have taken place over the past six years to understand and mitigate the project impacts. This holistic experience has united many levels of government to work collaboratively with LNG Canada and build a project with the least negative impacts to our residents and the best future for our children.


Cynthia, Charlie Lake

I am born in B.C. and have lived in the north peace area for the past 40 years.

I support LNG in B.C. and I would like other British Columbians to know that it is produced responsibly, safely and is a big driver of the economy of B.C. and provides heat and cooking fuel for homes all over the province.

Jesse, Fort St. John

I am a lifelong B.C. resident. I support LNG because I support sustainable healthy environmentally conscious economic growth and job creation. I support a strong BC. I support LNG.

I’d like British Columbians to know that even if you believe that LNG is somehow a bad idea, if we don’t do it (in industry leading environmentally conscious ways) someone else will and it might as well be a huge economic win for B.C. for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

Daniel, Dawson Creek

Our family moved from Alberta to Dawson Creek, BC when I was 4 years old, and I have been proud to be a BC Resident since then. My wife Rena and I have 4 teenage children. We have been actively involved in our community through Minor Hockey, Figure Skating, school sports, and various non-profit groups for many years. Our family loves the outdoors- water skiing, camping, fishing, and hunting are our favorite summer activities.

I support LNG in BC because:

  1. It will provide long-term, stable, middle-class employment in the North for several generations. This may well include my own children and grandchildren.
  2. It will provide long-term, substantial revenue for all levels of government in BC, which will benefit all BC Residents.
  3. It is a world-class resource and will result in the largest capital projects ever undertaken in Canada. This will showcase BC on the world stage, and will deliver the message around the globe that BC is “Open for Business”.

I would like other British Columbians to know:

  1. BC is a world leader in safe and environmentally sustainable production of natural gas. Producers from all over the world are watching and attempting to emulate the environmental and economic Best Practices that BC producers are employing in the Montney Natural Gas Play.
  2. LNG will benefit every single BC resident, regardless of where they live, their age, their race or their socioeconomic background. BC LNG will provide a step change in government revenue, which will be deployed by every level of government, in every jurisdiction of our province, to improve people’s lives.
  3. By replacing coal-fired power generation with cleaner burning LNG, BC will become a world leader in ensuring a cleaner world for our children and grandchildren. We can no longer think of harmful emissions as local- they are a worldwide problem. Emissions from coal burning on other continents migrate all over the world. BC LNG offers a concrete, immediate, and impactful solution by providing a much cleaner burning alternative, and a bridge to renewable resources.

David, Kitimat

I have lived in B.C. all my life. I support LNG because thousands of families are relying on it to put food on the table and be successful. I want British Columbians to know that we need LNG.

Randolph, Fort St. John

I have lived in B.C. since 1999. I support LNG because it is clean energy. LNG is the cleanest fuel from the greenest Province in Canada. A gift to the world.

Lori Ackerman, Mayor of Fort St. John

Having lived in all 4 western provinces, BC has been home now for over 39 years and I have lived in Fort St John for 30 of those years. My three children and their children have been born in the Peace region. In 2005, I was elected to Fort St John City Council and in 2011, became the Mayor of BC’s Energy Capital, Fort St John.

Fort St John is a community that gets up in the morning and works hard to give our family and friends a safe and good quality of life. Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fuel and through the liquidation process, we can help others in developing nations. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for community goal #7 is to ensure access to affordable, reliable sustainable and modern energy for all.

BC has a long history of natural gas development. We have been safely extracting and processing natural gas in BC for decades- it’s not new. We have been shipping it to our domestic and US market for decades. Over the years the industry has created and/or adopted new technologies that leave a lighter footprint and the technical knowledge of workers has increased significantly. As a consumer and benefactor of this resource’s revenues, get the facts. If you think you are not a consumer or benefactor; get the facts because you are.


Lilia Hansen, Fort St. John

I’m the Executive Director of the Fort St. John & Dist. Chamber of Commerce, and a Councillor with the City of Fort St. John. I’m born and raised in the Peace Region and have called Fort St. John home for 42 years. I’m a mother of 2 children and the wife of an oilfield worker. I have the benefit of hearing a first-hand perspective about the industry from the “boots on the ground”. It’s not polished or media ready. It’s honest and shared at the table after a hard days work.

I support LNG as a greener choice of fuel that leaves a smaller environmental footprint behind then other fuel options. The natural gas industry creates good paying jobs that allow workers to have a quality of life and wages to support a family. I’m proud that Canada has strong environmental standards, and social policies, higher than many other countries. Why wouldn’t I want to see our neighbours working and help the environment globally? BC has fuel that other countries need before they can stop burning coal. I’ve traveled to China several times in the past few years. I spoke with business people who said they know they need to stop burning coal, but first they need a replacement fuel. We can help them and many other countries at the same time. Pollution doesn’t stop at borders. What affects our neighbours, affects us all.


LNG is a smart choice for energy and we have companies willing to invest in it, and our communities. LNG creates tax paying jobs that generates revenue to pay for what matters to us. Whether it’s safe roads, quality hospitals, schools, arts, … it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we work together for the betterment of all. Pipeline safety has come a long way. That’s because the people of Canada hold industry to tight scrutiny. The beauty of our backcountry is also a key factor for stakeholders. Right-of-ways are left clean and it’s hard to tell that there is a pipeline as you pass unless you know what to look for. I wouldn’t support extraction close to my home and risk valuable agricultural land, drinking water, and my family’s health if I didn’t believe in the safety checks in place. Still in doubt about pipelines and the importance of LNG? I invite you to Fort St. John for a tour and an opportunity to speak with industry.


John, Mission

I have lived in BC since 1974. I am a realtor with ReMax.

I support LNG because it is the most viable product to replace coal burning as a means to generate electricity worldwide. If they don’t buy it from B.C. they will buy it elsewhere. LNG will be replaced with improved nuclear generators that don’t produce waste or reuse it. LNG is a stepping stone to other cleaner alternatives as well such as hydrogen separation. The world needs LNG right now- it’s a stepping stone to get the world off coal.

Randy Vincent, Fort St. John

I have lived in Fort St. John my entire life, I enjoy getting to know the community and the many amenities Fort St. John offers.

Liquefying and exporting natural gas to overseas markets adds value to a resource we already produce safely and responsibly. Adding these steps creates hundreds of new jobs, opportunities for businesses to supply goods and services and hire more employees, more training opportunities for apprentices and provides good jobs for apprentices when they receive their certification. If B.C. doesn’t have an LNG industry, those jobs and opportunities will be lost to the U.S.

LNG from BC will help reduce global GHGs and cut air pollution. Air quality in China and India can be as bad as smoking one to three packs of cigarettes a day. Natural gas doesn’t contribute the fine particulate matter that makes air pollution so bad and it has half the greenhouse gas emissions of coal.


Trevor, Fort St. John

I am a lifelong resident of BC, born and raised i have been witness to us being a “have” province, and a “have not”. Let’s not fall side to the latter.

BC LNG is a once in a generation opportunity. It creates a whole new industry for us in BC, well we do good for the rest of the world.

BC LNG is the next step in the future of a greener, safer global community. We have an abundance of natural gas that allows us to be a world leader in new technology and safe responsible resource development on a global stage. This is our BC, be proud!

Dave, Rose Prairie

I have lived in Northern BC for over 20 years. I work to ensure sustainable fresh water and environment by promoting and reusing brines associated with oil and gas.

LNG is the right thing to do for our planet. Providing cleaner energy to nations that need it most will make a difference and help Canada lead the way to better.

We have a resource that will promote a better planet for all and it can also be a key to changing energy by generating revenue that will lead to research into alternatives.

Ian Fife, Fort Nelson

My whole life I have lived in BC.  Worked in Forestry for 18 years and the natural gas industry for about 19 years now.

I support LNG as an extra export market now that our sole customer is becoming energy independent. LNG exports will bring better prices for our gas and will create more long-lasting jobs for future generations. The royalty increases from extraction by volume will help infrastructure in B.C. and our gas will reduce emissions in countries that direly need reductions for the people that live within them. Our air quality with the fires in BC is the same as some Asian countries where the people live with this type of environment on a daily basis. We could help raise the quality of life there and we should. I have advocated for responsible LNG projects for a few years now and will continue to do so. Yes to LNG!

There is a lot of misinformation being spread around by special interests groups in efforts to stifle this industry. Studies on emissions that included wells that don’t even exist by the DSF and dams being built Illegally by the CCPA as well misinformation on contaminated aquifers. To date, there isn’t a single aquifer in B.C. contaminated by a fracked well or fracking operation. These same groups also speak out on seismic activity and push for Geothermal while there is well-documented aquifer contamination associated with geothermal and geothermal has the energy industry record for seismic activity at 6.6 on the Richter scale. Read up on Energy pros and cons by sources independently and B.C. natural gas is a safe source.

Dale Bumstead, Mayor of Dawson Creek

I am the Mayor of the City of Dawson Creek, the city that I was born and raised and have resided my entire life. My bride and I have raised our family in the community and I am a 3rd generation Peace Country resident.

LNG ( liquefied natural gas) is a product that will be a significant benefit to the world. The resources and reserves that exist in Northeastern BC and North America are world class.  The industry operating in BC today is producing the cleanest natural gas in the world. the benefit to our region, the Province and the country towards our GDP is incredible.

A potential $7.0 billion in the growth of our GDP cannot be understated. The potential for this industry is amazing and we should be supporting the development.

We are a resource-driven economy in British Columbia and the potential for this energy sector will be transformational in terms of the financial impacts to our province and country. The current proven reserves in northeastern BC provide us with an opportunity to provide LNG to the world for decades.

Greg D’Avignon, Vancouver

I am a fourth generation British Columbian and the CEO of the Business Council of BC. We are a business organization comprised of the 250 leading and largest companies in every sector of the economy and our post -secondary institutions that collectively employ over 25 percent of the labour force in B.C.  Our members live, work and invest here and have assets and operations throughout the province. For over 50 years the Council has convened the province’s elected and non-elected leaders, labour, academia and business to advance policies with the objective of building a more prosperous and competitive country, province and economy.

BC has a world class upstream natural gas asset that is adjacent to the global markets with the highest demand for LNG over the next 50 years.  BC is uniquely positioned to meet this growing global demand through LNG investments in the province that afford supplies of the lowest GHG content gas to the world, while enabling reconciliation and economic partnership with Indigenous peoples and a prosperous rural and urban economy here at home. This benefits all of Canada and our obligations as contributors to a low carbon global economy.

LNG is a product that is in high demand as a result an emerging middle class of 3 billion people globally that are coming out of poverty that need energy to live, go to school and create an economy of their own. BC LNG will enable them to use BC gas over the next 50 years at low cost and less GHG intensity compared to other countries gas or thermal coal solutions to this demand. There are many competing jurisdictions that will meet this demand if we do not, which means we are knowingly making a choice to allow greater environmental and climate impacts to our world and reaping none of the economic benefits. IF BC does become a low climate LNG exporter of our natural gas it will enable opportunity for the future of developing countries and their people while creating economic benefits here at home that pay for healthcare, education, childcare and other social needs.

Kathleen Connolly, Dawson Creek

I am the Executive Director of the Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce.  Dawson Creek is in the heart of oil and gas country in the North East.  Our regions passion to continue growing this industry stems from the desire to protect our residents, businesses, environment, and to create space for all industries to experience success.  My family has lived here for 43 years, we are a farming family but owned a hunting territory as well as a logging company.  We have experienced industrial growth through each of those 4 decades.  Most recently, of course, is oil and gas.

The desire as not only as a decided north easterner but as a leader in our business community is to encourage a conversation that is based on what is going on in the industry today.  The massive gains around diminishing footprints, water conservation, less truck traffic, protection of our water, air and land, and scientific research around aquafers and fugitive emissions to name a few, must be discussed in today’s terms, not the old conversations that refuse to leave the headlines.  It is my job as a leader, to encourage interest in current trends and the tremendous strides industry has taken.  And of course; because I live here – my concerns for clean water, air and environment run higher than any.

And yet, I support the industry – what it has done to generate wealth, quality of life and the opportunities for future generations.  The fact that we are global leaders regarding environmental protections is something that I am fiercely proud of.  The fact that we expect and hold industry to account makes me proud to live in a democratic country.  To live in ignorance is no excuse in today’s ever-changing world. To have real conversations about the transition from fossil fuels to renewables – must be grounded in today’s facts, not yesterday’s realities and fallacies.

Many of us, even those that work so closely with industry, can’t wrap our brains around the massive investments in research and development to streamline operations, to become increasingly environmentally sensitive and to support Canadian opportunities and investments in the industry.  It is forgotten, that these companies are businesses – managing shareholders and bottom lines – to create an industry that can be supported by citizens only allows themselves to be successful.  Their desire to work through these issues is truly a priority.  And though they have failed in some of their objectives – the desire to have better products and infrastructure is indeed sincere.  Ask the hard questions, do the research and be prepared to accept answers that may not align with your current beliefs.  Our strength as a province and a nation comes from intelligent conversations grounded in facts.

Rieghardt, Langley

I am a CPA with a young family. I work in a construction related field and understand the economics of a thriving sector and overall community benefits.

It is important for Canada to utilize our unique position as it relates to responsible resource development and to lay down a foundation for future generations.

When people get the real facts it is amazing how much they realize that LNG is a good thing for B.C.

Tom Sigurdson, New Westminster

I’m the executive director of the BC Building Trades Council (1997-2003 and 2010-present), which represents 28 local unions chartered by 13 international labour unions. BCBT has approximately 40,000 members in B.C. and is the voice of the unionized construction sector. I was also a member of the Premier’s LNG Working Group, comprising representatives from industry, government, labour and the Haisla Nation. We made 15 recommendations to government in 2014 on planning, skills training, marketing and developing best practices within the LNG sector, all of which were accepted.

While LNG is still a nascent industry in B.C., there are clear possibilities for the construction and operation of multiple facilities in this province. We represent 40,000 highly skilled men and women who are ready and eager to help B.C. seize this unprecedented opportunity in the LNG sector. We invest $18 million every year across our various union training programs to ensure our members are current with technological changes and other industrial developments, such as those presented by the LNG sector. Skilled labour supply is our business, and we have a long history of successfully completing major infrastructure projects in this province. This legacy will continue with LNG.

The development of the LNG industry in British Columbia will offer a significant economic boost to our province. Equally important are the opportunities that can be provided to young people through apprenticeships. Such a large workforce will be as diverse as the population of Canada. We envision direct outreach to women, Indigenous Peoples and other under-represented groups to develop their skills and provide the catalyst that will lead to lucrative, lifelong careers in the construction and maintenance industry.

Gillian, Vancouver

I was born in North Burnaby and raised across the lower mainland. My family goes back five generations here in B.C. I spent most of my career as a journalist in B.C. working in TV and radio before moving into the LNG industry in 2013. I’m also a mom to two daughters. LNG has been supporting our family for more than five years.

I support LNG in B.C. because I know how important it is for British Columbians to have access to stable, well-paying jobs in order to support themselves and their families- in the lower mainland and all across the province. The LNG industry is providing opportunities in the lower mainland as well as in the north, where people want to stay and raise their families. LNG is safe, non-toxic and can be produced responsibly here in B.C. A new industry in our province means that governments get more money to pay for the services we all need and use. Hospitals. Schools. Public transit. Public safety- including more money to prevent and fight forest fires in B.C.

Climate change is a global problem that will require global solutions. The reality is, we could completely de-carbonize our province tomorrow and it would not stop – or slow down- or even make a dent- in global warming. B.C. accounts for 0.02 percent of global emissions- and Canada’s contribution to global emissions is less than two percent. Carbon emissions do not have borders. We MUST be looking at ways to help some of the world’s biggest carbon emitters reduce their emissions as quickly as possible. I am 100-percent supportive of renewable energy. But when you look at countries like China that rely heavily on coal to keep their economy moving (an economy that supplies us with a lot of our goods and materials) they need access to consistent sources of energy that are not intermittent and provide the kind of large-scale power needed to keep factories running and homes heated. Natural gas has half the emissions of coal and can keep the lights on 24/7. Natural gas from one large LNG plant in B.C. can produce enough energy to replace or displace up to 40 coal-fired power plants. That would equal reducing global GHG emissions by 60 million to 90 million tonnes of CO2 per year — that is more than ALL of B.C.’s emissions.

LNG from B.C. will also have half the carbon footprint of LNG produced by other countries that do not have a carbon tax, regulate emissions and manage methane emissions in natural gas production. Whether you agree with it or not, demand for LNG is set to increase globally by more than 40 percent over the next 25 years- as more countries bring in policies to reduce their emissions and replace coal.  If we are serious about combatting climate change we need to acknowledge that helping countries switch from coal to natural gas provides an immediate reduction in emissions and that providing the lowest-carbon-footprint LNG from B.C. to displace coal goes even further to reduce global GHGs. We can decide not to produce any LNG in B.C. but all that will do is see other countries produce and supply the world with LNG that has more emissions. B.C. can lead the world in producing the lowest carbon footprint LNG and help combat climate change.

LNG adds value- by creating jobs, training opportunities, business opportunities and new revenue-  to a resource we have been producing responsibly for decades here in B.C.

Jon, North Vancouver

I am a shipping Agent, 51 years old, I have lived in B.C. for 15 years.

I support oil and gas transport and structure because the economic gain it brings.

LNG is safe for the environment, whatever anyone would say and every Canadian should support the Canadian economy, not betray it!

Sherrie-Lynn, Kitimat

I am a Victoria, B.C. born individual who has lived in BC most of my life.  I grew up in Kitimat surrounded by industry and the beauty of our surroundings.  I have worked in various locations throughout this province but my heart has always been in Kitimat.

BC is an industrially based province, especially in the North.  The GDP earned in this area is what keeps the lower mainland alive. LNG is one of the most non-invasive industries that we can invest in and it will bring life back to Kitimat and the Northwest as well as provide ongoing jobs once the plant is built.

As noted above, it is the least invasive type of industry and the dangers are much less than shipping bitumen or other types of oil product.

The indigenous bands have been involved in the discussions since the beginning around the pipeline route and the impacts to them as having the people in the Northwest.

We have lost most of our forestry industry over the past 10 years and having one industry towns is not conducive for development or maintenance of a town/city.

Kerry, Vancouver

I have lived and worked in BC all of my life (over 60 years). My work, particularly the last 20 years has taken me to most regions of the province, often outside of southwestern BC. My career spans 40 years in human capital development, including 17 years as an entrepreneur and over 4 years as a CEO of a provincial crown agency.

I support LNG in B.C. because there will be abundant economic and employment opportunities for many British Columbians, particularly in the vicinity of the LNG project value chain. This means opportunities for local workers, First

Nations people, suppliers, contractors and communities around LNG projects and well as benefits to those in other parts of BC. From my 40-year career in workforce development, I know first-hand how important responsible long-term major projects and operations are to the viability of and quality of life in rural and remote communities in BC. Liquified Natural Gas is clean energy. We have lots of natural gas and need to export it through this value-added production. It will replace much less clean energy that other countries would otherwise use without an adequate world supply of LNG. LNG represents a huge capital investment in BC and Canada and each project has a potential 25-40-year lifespan. A project like the proposed LNG Canada would be the single largest capital project in BC history and right up there nationally.

I respect the right for those who do not support LNG and who feel strongly about protecting our environment and economy. I would like them to know that BC’s proposed LNG projects are the safest, cleanest ones in the world, and the short and long-term benefits to many British Columbians significantly outweigh any potential risks. These projects will exploit the latest technologies to ensure clean, safe and efficient operations. Many, many British Columbians will benefit from the LNG opportunity – for many years. There are so many economic/financial and environmental safeguards involved in these projects from commitments during environmental assessments, governments’ regulations, recognition of Indigenous rights, inherent risk mitigation in engineering and design, etc.

Janice Shaben, Terrace

I have lived in British Columbia my entire life. I love this province for its beauty, life style and opportunity to make a living. My husband and I own a business in Terrace, Silvertip Promotions and Signs. We are well known as a company that supports the community and surrounding area. We have made Terrace our home and are very proud to say so.

As a business owner, the economy is very important to not only the sustainability but also to the growth of our company. We have supported the idea of LNG developing in BC as we see it as a responsible industry and a very good thing for not just the BC economy but for Canada as a whole. Canada should be proud of the rigorous environmental studies that get done before any permitting is given and the quality of the workplace compared to other countries.

The LNG industry has had to go through extensive environmental studies in order to obtain the permitting needed to move this project forward. I believe in the judgment of the professionals who have given these permits. I truly feel this industry has the environment as a front and center concern. It is time for us to trust and put our support behind the LNG industry for all Canadians.

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